Entry #1

New illustration?

2008-11-15 10:42:19 by tehloli

I felt like drawing so I decided to draw a ninja turtle! x3
I chose Donatello because that's my boyfriend's favourite.
I spent quite the time on it last night.
I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to color it.
Let me know what you think?

Idea from: LINK!
My Original Drawing: LINK!

New illustration?


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2008-12-03 02:38:41

hey whats up its been a while any thing new ? Any way the picture looks great looks just like the original with out the eye visor lol my two favorites are Raphael (Red) - The tough one , Michelangelo (Orange) - The funny one when growing up i could never choose wich one i like better maybe because if you mixed them both thats the way i try to be lol


2009-02-15 14:46:05

hwo come you have a batting average and i don't? what's going on in this world? rabble rabble rabble!

tehloli responds:

Uh, what?


2009-03-09 16:41:46